about the service

The use of plant protection products with drones is more accurate than using traditional methods. Using drones we can perform the necessary agro measures at all stages of plant vegetation. Also, the drone allows you to quickly eliminate plant diseases.

Work planning

After receiving the coordinates of the work area from the farmer, an individual processing plan is developed, taking into account the area, the location of the land and the weather. After completing preparatory works, the group cultivates the area.

Performance / Results

Our team of professionals can cultivate up to 200 hectares of land per day. The service allows you to minimize water consumption and also significantly reduce the consumption of plant protection products compared to traditional methods.

Key advantages of the service

• Mobility and efficiency.
• Fast and quality service.
• Cultivation of perennial and annual crops at any stage of vegetation.
• Zero damage during the growing season of any crop plant.
• Handling hard-to-reach or inaccessible places.
• 100% accuracy of spraying plant protection products.
• Save water and reduce the cost of plant protection products.
• Ability to work after rainfall and during high soil moisture.

Your benefits:
• Save money and plant protection products
• Timely response
• 24 hour operation mode
• Processing of all types of relief
•Time saving
• Increasing productivity